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Protocol Specification

File Hash Structure

  • id: created by the concatenation of each SHA256 hash of chunks
  • name: pathname of the file
  • size: number of bytes in the file
  • chunkSize: number of bytes in each chunk
  • info (optional): short text that describes the file
  • creation date: creation time of the file hash, in standard UNIX epoch format (integer, seconds since 1-Jan-1970 00:00:00 UTC)
  • created by author of the file
  • hashes: position: bytes'position of the file that coresponds to the beginning of the chunk / hash: SHA256 hash values of the chunk

Example of a file hash: da65124fffa9628dc5da843bca7ba0b4008f22572180edd484d218ebf16560a3.db that corresponds of a filehash's video

   "info": "This is just a test with a video",
   "creationDate": "1464824743",
   "createdBy": "Sebastien Menozzi",

Client Specification

  • uid: unique, determine the identity of the user
  • ip: ip of the user
  • port: port of the user

To preserve the anonymity of each user, no more information is required